Reggie Goveas
Priyanka Patel
Priyal Woodpecker
Sheeba  Shah
Srinivas Bhashyam


Sapna Shahani
Danielle Peres
Valentino Dias
  Arushi Singh (Guest Reader)
  Danielle Pettee  
  (Guest  Reader)



Imaya Shows (in association with Cathaayatra) staged this play at : Cotinga - Anjuna, Mustard - Sangolda, 

International Centre Goa - Dona Paula in Goa - April 2017















How many jokers does it take to get someone killed? A brazen-bunch plot, or not, their way to a different end every time. This one has mystery, comedy, sexuality, envy, confusion, villainy, mushroom soup, Ajit jokes and of course, red rum. To add more fun, you, the audience, nominate the culprit and the possible ending!


Sameer Thakur - Script, Design & Direction

Sameer has designed light, sound & multimedia for over 50 productions with varied theatre companies and eminent directors. He co-founded Cathaayatra, a non-profit theatre collective since 2004. Other directorial credits include: A perfect Relationship, Godot Arrives, Ten past 10, Life is Short.



Arushi Singh

-started acting at age 13 when she played the part of a 55 year old headmistress. She intends to conAnue acAng far beyond the age of 55. In her other life she talks about youth, sex, pleasure, and porn, and tries to sell books. In real life she's just a lotuseater.


Sheeba Shivangini Shah

-is the Founder & Producer at Imaya Shows. She is an English novelist from Nepal who has written 3 acclaimed novels. She has also been a columnist for various newspapers and magazines. She has been passionately active in the theatre scene in Kathmandu over the years. Sheeba currently resides in Goa and is dedicated to create a platform for promoting the English theatre scene here.


Psyman Ochen

-a world traveller who got spooked by the sense of ‘you only live once’ and since been to 21 countries primarily by hitch hiking.

Sapna Shahani

-is a marketing entrepreneur based in Goa, where she has lived on and off for 25 years. Her earlier avatar was a TV producer working with Berkeley TV, UTV, Only Much Louder, TLC, etc. She also won a MacArthur Foundation grant to train women from around India in video-blogging about social issues. She studied CommunicaAons and Theatre in Minnesota, where she was part of an improv theatre group and later started ‘Yoni ki Baat’, a South Asian American version of the Vagina Monologues in the San Francisco Bay Area, along with close friends. 


Chirag Mahajan

-is a web designer by profession and an actor by choice. He is very, very tall.


Lokesh Sood

-is originally from Delhi, now based in Goa. Operates in the real estate sector. This was his acting debut. 


Arushi Singh


Shivangini Shah

Psyman Ochen

Lokesh Sood

Chirag Mahajan

Sapna Shahani​